Friday, September 4, 2009


Okay, this is a confession inspired by the previous post: I actually take the time to manually insert smart quotes and apostrophes (those would be these “ ” ‘ ’ instead of these " " ' ' , which are given by default) into the HTML code for all the posts on this blog. Isn’t that sad? (Yep, I even got that last one.) That’s one reason why I don’t post more often than I do. Oh and trust me, there’s even more inane stuff that I would fix if my HTML skills were up to the task!


  1. I'm glad you brought that up.

    In Google Reader almost all of your punctuation shows up as a unicode sequence, such as &#8220 (I don't know if this will show up as an ampersand, number-sign, with four numbers, or if it will actually show as punctuation). But, when I go to your actual Blogger site, it shows up properly.

    I blame the fact that you use a Mac, though this is likely unrelated.

    I have a high tolerance, and in some cases respect, for a healthy case of AR.

  2. Darn! Never noticed that. No, I think it's Google Reader's fault.

    Now to the real question: is there really such a thing as a "healthy" case of AR? Maybe the fact that I can live with the "dumb" punctuation marks in these comments (and on Facebook too) is a sign of hope. (At least until I discover a way to fix even those!) :)