Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nashville Unrealized

Here are some of the more notable images that go along with that Nashville Scene article referenced in the previous post.

The Public Square: Emmons Woolwine and Frederic Hirons, 1937

The Pinnacle: Henry Bledsoe, 1977

Growing the State Capitol: Harry Frahn, 1917

Growing the Downtown Post Office: Tuck Hinton Everton Architects, 1989

The Central Loop, General Neighborhood Renewal Plan: Clarke & Rapuano, Inc., New York, December 1963


  1. Indeed, some interesting articles. They interested me as well. Thanks God some of that stuff was never built!

  2. That addition to the state capital is quite a monstrosity. And the post office addition looks like communist propaganda...or the cover of an Ayn Rand book, whichever you like.

  3. Yeah, I think they should've added a zeppelin to that architectural rendering.