Friday, January 25, 2013

American Airlines Rebrand

With all due respect to Massimo Vignelli, some of whose objections are legitimate, on the whole, this is nonetheless simply AWESOME!


  1. Understatement of the month: this has been a more successful re-branding than that performed by O'Charley's.

  2. Brent, I was somewhat puzzled by your comment at first. I hadn't heard about this and initially did a very cursory search online that wasn't too illuminating. (Even their website hasn't even been updated yet.) But then I drove past the one on Hwy 96 yesterday.…Interesting. I can't say that I hate it, except for that green teardrop-shaped prime mark masquerading as an apostrophe in the logo. (And I understand the urge to de-emphasize the final apostrophe, but I think they went too far - might as well have deleted it altogether.) Still, the overall look seems to have been pulled of rather nicely.