Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Living Numbers

Back in early January I gave a presentation for a local group of men who get together regularly to hear lectures and to engage in discussion on various topics, theology most frequently, but also economics, science, moral/ethical/social issues, literature, and the arts. My presentation was focused on an overview of biblical numerology, the study of the significance and symbolism which Scripture assigns to certain numbers, and how we see that significance confirmed virtually everywhere we look, both in the natural world of God’s own making, and in the creative works of mankind. Along the way, I take numerous excursions into the disciplines of geometry, music, biology, architecture, the visual arts, and astronomy. An audio recording of the lecture as well as a pdf of my accompanying Keynote presentation are available here. There seemed to be a good deal of enthusiasm among the group for this topic, and the whole process—preparation, presentation, follow-up discussion—was a great deal of fun. My thanks go out to our hosts (Tom and Sylvia Singleton) and all the other folks who were in attendance. Perhaps there are others out there who would also take an interest in this topic, and if you have a chance to listen and/or browse through the pdf, I trust you will find it fascinating. And as always, I’d be delighted to hear your feedback, as well as any additional insights of your own on the topics covered.


  1. I can't wait to go through this! By coincidence I'm muddling my way through this book (Quadrivium : number, geometry, music, heaven / Miranda Lundy, Anthony Ashton) even as I type. More than once I have thought, I need Abe to explain this to me....

    1. You may find other numbers of interest. Triangular numbers include the 153 fish, triangular of 17 (John 21), the 276 persons Paul saved in Acts 27:37, the triangular of 22 Jews + 1 Gentile (23), and 666, the triangular of 6x6 (36). Also, the kingdom of the Great King in Esther 1 has 127 provinces, which is a pointed hexagonal number with the King at the center. Additionally, the lifespans of the patriarchs before the flood correspond to synodical periods of the planets. Finally, Abraham 318 men in Gen. 14 is the sum of 14 primes in sequence starting with 7. - James B. Jordan

    2. Thanks! Those are all fascinating additional tidbits, though it will take me a while to wrap my head fully around some of them. (I had to remind myself what a triangular number is.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangular_number